Everything’s Bigger In Knoxville

January 10, 2024

Everything’s Bigger In Knoxville

In the heart of East Tennessee, nestled amidst the vibrant cityscape of Knoxville, the wafting aroma of smoky barbecue beckons. Clean Smoke BBQ brings the bold, robust flavors of authentic Texas BBQ to this region, promising an unmatchable culinary experience. As the saying goes, “Everything’s bigger in Texas,” and Clean Smoke BBQ certainly upholds this sentiment. At Clean Smoke immense flavor profiles and generous portions are the norm. Here, every dining experience is an homage to the distinct and beloved tradition of Texas BBQ, tantalizing local tastebuds with a tantalizing southern flair. Now Tennesseans can say, Everything’s Bigger In Knoxville.”

About Clean Smoke

First, we’d like you to know at Clean Smoke BBQ, we are more than just the purveyors of authentic Texas-style craft BBQ. We are a community, a place where patrons old and new come together to share in the rich, smoky flavors that define our culinary passion. Every conversation is an opportunity for us to show our care and commitment, because to us, our customers are our family. In our world, every interaction matters, every word carries weight.

A simple, genuine conversation can uplift one’s day, create a connection, and even foster a lasting relationship. This is the heart of Clean Smoke BBQ, where our love for BBQ and our dedication to our patrons converge. We strive for nothing less than absolute excellence in everything we do, from the quality of our food to the quality of our interactions. This is our promise, our commitment, and we will uphold it today, tomorrow, and always. Remember, at Clean Smoke BBQ, “Everything’s Bigger In Knoxville.”

Clean Smoke’s Promise

Secondly, our passion is deeply rooted in bringing the finest Texas style BBQ to the table. The inception of Clean Smoke BBQ commenced with a vision, a pop-up tent, and a traditional style offset smoker. The journey has been nothing short of a whirlwind. The business took off at a speed that surpassed our wildest expectations. In the blink of an eye, we transitioned from our humble beginnings to a brand-new food truck and are now on the cusp of expanding into a full-scale restaurant. This journey, marked by steady growth and unexpected blessings, serves as a testament to the power of self-belief and relentless pursuit of greatness. Our ultimate mission? To share the joy of clean smoked BBQ, prepared with love and served with pride. Every plate we serve carries our history, our passion, and our unwavering dedication to quality.

Come and Try Clean Smoke BBQ in Knoxville!

Finally, we cordially invite you to explore the smoky delights of our food truck menu, where the magic of Texas-style BBQ comes alive. Our offerings are a gastronomic journey that we guarantee will leave you sated and spellbound. However, the Clean Smoke BBQ experience doesn’t end there. We’re thrilled to bring our succulent, smoke-infused menu to your next event with our exceptional catering services. We love making every occasion special with a dash of Texas charm and a whole lot of BBQ love.

Guess what?! The excitement doesn’t stop here! We are thrilled to announce our upcoming location at Kern’s Food Hall in the iconic Old Kern’s Factory in Knoxville, TN. Be prepared to be part of an experience that marries tradition and innovation, where our BBQ is the star. So come, embark with us on this exciting journey, and let your taste buds explore the wonders of Clean Smoke BBQ. Remember, in our world, “Everything’s Bigger In Knoxville.”