Knoxville BBQ Catering | Clean Smoke

January 1, 2024
Knoxville BBQ Catering | Clean Smoke

Welcome to the world of Clean Smoke BBQ, where we not only serve up a delectable array of Texas-style craft BBQ options but also nurture bonds with our valued patrons in Knoxville. Catering is more than just a service to us; it’s an opportunity to engage, listen, and create an environment that resonates with care and authenticity. It is not just about the exchange of cash for food; it’s about the conversations, the shared laughter, and the genuine interest in each other’s stories. At Clean Smoke BBQ, we’re driven by more than profit – we’re driven by the chance to make someone’s day better, one BBQ plate at a time. Our passion for excellence is deeply ingrained in our ethos, and it is this commitment that propels us to consistently deliver high-quality, flavorful catering options to our customers – today, tomorrow, and always.

Catering Styles

Clean Smoke BBQ has two catering styles. We can bring the Clean Smoke BBQ food truck to your event or set up a buffet style at your location. As a result, we offer catering for any size party!

Call us with any questions you may have (865) 809-4973


$20 x TBD

Will include – 3 taco’s per guest 3 / flour tortilla shells with our Craft hickory smoked pulled pork All original toppings (Jalapeno, white onion, fresh cut tomatoes, cilantro, and cotija cheese). Sauce 1 side of your choice / fresh house made salsa and chips or chips and queso.


$30 x TBD

Tortilla shells * Limit (3) taco’s per walk through * 3 / flour tortilla shells with our Craft hickory smoked pulled pork. All original toppings (Jalapeno, white onion, fresh cut tomatoes, cilantro, and cotija cheese). All sauces available (BBQ, hot sauce, house made green Verde, sour cream.) AYCE – Chips and salsa/ chips and queso * 1 order of each per walk through * Sweet tea/ unsweetened tea / Water Taco assembly service

Custom Package

At Clean Smoke BBQ, we pride ourselves on our flexibility and willingness to adapt to our customer’s unique needs. Beyond our Deluxe and Complete packages, we also offer a Custom Package option. With this, we can tailor our services to fit your specific requirements. Whether it means adding extra sides, varying the number of tacos per guest, or offering different types of beverages – we got you. We understand that every event is unique. So, we are dedicated to making your gathering a memorable one with our personalized catering options.

Book Clean Smoke for your Catering

Clean Smoke’s journey from a humble pop-up tent to a thriving food truck Soon has been amazing. Soon, we will have a permanent home at Kerns Food Hall. Every step of the way, our passion for providing the finest Texas-style BBQ has been our compass. This has guided us towards creating the most flavorful and high-quality meals. We believe in the power of food to bring people together! Our catering services are a testament to this belief. Whether it’s a small family gathering or a large corporate event, we are committed to infusing every bite with love and our trademark clean smoke. We cordially invite you to experience our catering services and promise to make your event memorable. Remember, greatness starts with a single step, and your journey with Clean Smoke BBQ is just one call away.