Clean Smoke BBQ in Hardin Valley

September 25, 2023

Clean Smoke BBQ + The Primitive Smoker

There’s a new smoker in town! It’s bound to revolutionize the BBQ game forever. Meet the Primitive Smoker. This smoker is simply unmatched when it comes to delivering the best BBQ experience imaginable. Just imagine succulent meat, perfectly cooked with that irresistible smoky flavor that lingers on your taste buds long after each bite. The Primitive Smoker’s precision temperature control ensures that every cut of meat is cooked to perfection, sealing in those mouthwatering juices for an explosion of flavor with each savory bite. Get ready for backyard gatherings filled with mouthwatering aromas that draw neighbors from miles away – Clean Smoke BBQ is about to become everyone’s favorite spot!

Clean Smoke BBQ + The Primitive Smoker


BBQ around the world evolves over time with the focus being squarely placed on efficiency and shortcuts. At Primitive Pits, we believe the cooking process should never stray far from the primitive method of utilizing wood, fire, and smoke. We have been able to stake a claim at the top of the commercial offset smoker industry by consistently delivering exceptional performing smokers, at an unbeatable price. We have utilized computational fluid dynamics to understand how to execute even convection with a standard of + or – five (5) degrees across any of our commercial offset smokers. Also, we boast one of the most efficient offset smokers in its class.

Last, our resume is a confirmation of our quality work and ultimately the exceptional performance of our offsets. We have built units for many Texas Monthly Top 50 BBQ joints, James Beard finalists, national Chef of the Year, and many BBQ institutions.


With the addition of the Primitive Smoker, our catering will blow you away! Schedule your next event with us today!

At Clean Smoke BBQ, our passion is to provide the finest Texas-style BBQ. Clean Smoke BBQ started with a vision, a pop-up tent, and a traditional-style offset smoker. Exponentially this business has taken off much faster than ever expected. We have been fortunate enough to move from where it all started, into our brand-new food truck, and soon expanding into a full-scale restaurant. This journey has been such a blessing. Never stop believing in yourself and always strive for greatness. We want to share our clean smoked BBQ with others made with love.

Come see us at 10105 Hardin Valley Road Knoxville, Tennessee 37932

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