Wedding Catering Clean Smoke BBQ

June 28, 2023

Wedding Catering Clean Smoke BBQ

Welcome to Clean Smoke BBQ, the premier destination for exquisite wedding catering and barbeque catering in Knoxville, TN. We pride ourselves on providing an unparalleled experience that seamlessly intertwines delectable flavors with a touch of sophistication. As you step into our world of culinary excellence, prepare to be enamored by the tantalizing aroma wafting through the air – a symphony composed of sizzling meats and savory spices that will transport your taste buds to new heights of blissful indulgence. Our team of skilled chefs meticulously crafts each dish with utmost precision, infusing it with love and passion that shines through every bite.

Clean Smoke BBQ

The engagement of meeting new and returning patrons allows us to share and spread our love through the different flavors of our Texas style craft BBQ. Having conversations, and I mean real communication, with people is more important to me than any dollar amount. Sure, we all have to support our family and make money, but truly listening to someone could change the course of someone’s day and show that you really care. And we really do. We strive for absolute excellence in everything we do and will continue to live this way indefinitely.

About the Owner

My name is Joseph Root, owner of Clean Smoke BBQ. At 39 years old I am a lucky father of 7 beautiful children. My 16 year old son, Noah, works along side me almost everyday, standing behind and supporting what we are trying to continue to build within the community. The community is what continues to drive us each and everyday.

Our Passion

Our passion is to provide the finest Texas style BBQ. Clean Smoke BBQ started with a vision, a pop-up tent, and a traditional style offset smoker. Exponentially this business has taken off much faster than ever expected. We have been fortunate enough to move from where it all started, into our brand-new food truck, and soon expanding into a full-scale restaurant. This journey has been such a blessing. Never stop believing in yourself and always strive for greatness. We want to share our clean smoked BBQ to others made with love.

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